Casual Profile MrNights

Nickname: MrNights
Hair color:Dark
Eye color:Green
Height:194 cm
Weight:89 Kg


I cannot read or answer here. So try me on MemphisNights at g/mail dot com. Been there and done that and now single again and living my life on my terms, so I’m quite happy being single and independent, but it can get a little lonely when you're living in a backwater one-horse town where meeting someone is a little bit of a non-event. So I’m trying this online inter-webby thing. I’m not looking for any game players or time wasters (been through all that also) just a real person in a similar situation who is open to meeting up and not obsess over the serious stuff and enjoys the exciting parts. I'm generally pretty laid-back, love a good movie and a wine/beer, but tend to be required taste due to my somewhat dry sarcastic sense of humour. I’ve been told that women on here get swamped with nutters, perverts and sleazy messages so I will not send the first message as to be put into the same boat. Even if we match on here, I won't initiate communication. It's kind of a "Lady's Choice" respect attitude that I have.

Is looking for

  • Young adults
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  • Middle-aged